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Udemy Course Discount

For any interested in purchasing the course through. Use the following promo code, to get a deep discount, limited spots available: Promo Code: THINKSP-BLOG Access the course here:

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Why Self-Publishing Works

If you’re a person just beginning to self-publish, or someone on the fence about getting started. Let me tell you a secret. You are the NOT the first person to do this. Self-publishing is not new, nor is it novel. Self-Publishing as a Business is NOT New People have been self-publishing and earning a full-time…

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How to Make Your Books Permanently Free On Amazon

For any veteran in the self-publishing game. Something like getting a book set to permanently free on Amazon is simple. But just because many people may know how to do this. It does not mean that everyone understands how to do this. So this blog post will explain how to properly get your book or…

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